Monday, June 01, 2015

Seth Cariaga: Fine young man

Sierra Lutheran High School Graduate
Last weekend, the Cariaga family congregated in Minden, Nevada, to honor and acknowledge the accomplishments of  the youngest of my six siblings, Seth Cariaga.

Eagle Scout
In addition to graduating from Sierra Lutheran High School, Seth is accepted to attend the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs in the fall (field of study to be determined). And for his dedication to community and his sense of duty, Seth has been honored by the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout, the highest honor awarded by that organization.

It's an impressive list for a lad of such tender years. Seth is definitely further along than was I at a similar point in my own life.

Seth expresses gratitude to his scout masters
Although he is 35 years my junior, Seth is my brother and the last child of my father, Ross Cariaga.

Tami beams with pride
It is a sad fact of his life that Seth had very little opportunity to know his father. When Dad passed, in 2001, Seth was only 4 years old.

I asked him once, "Seth, do you remember Dad?"

"No," he replied. But then, when he saw how his answer saddened me, he emended it. "A little bit," he said.

He was and is such a good-natured and upbeat boy. It has always been a source of heartache for me to watch him growing up without a dad.

Uncle Don honors and loves his brother's youngest son
It had been several years since I'd seen Seth. In that interim, he's grown from a boy to a fine young man. Much of it is due to the ceaseless and loving efforts of Tami, his mother and Dad's widow. But much of it is due, as well, to Seth's innate decency and morality.

I couldn't possibly be more proud of this brother of mine.

Seth and big brother
Eagle Scout, graduate, loving and virtuous young man: Seth Ross Cariaga is off to a great start!

I know Dad is proud.

Dad, Seth, and Tami, a few weeks before Dad's passing


Anonymous said...

Great blog,Dade. He is indeed a very special young man. I know Ross would be very proud of him, along with all of his children. Enjoyed seeing all of you this past weekend.

Roger Buck said...

Lovely Dade … And I'm sorry I'm taking so long to reply your deeply moving comment at my site. You more than amply prove the heart is the bridge between two opposed yet sincere philosophies. But I will say more when I comment ...