Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 34th, Bombay

Bon anniversaire, ma cherie amour
Today, I heard a story. Someone told me a story about myself.

There was a man who worked where I worked who knew of me before I married you. He had never spoken with me, but he'd seen me around the office. He said I seemed like a resigned, defeated person back then; a sad person.

Back when we were friends
A few years later, he saw me again. It was after you and I had married. He remarked that I seemed a different person from the person I had been. I was more alive. Happier. He said it seemed like I cared.

Now, as husband and wife
It was a tough story to hear. The truth of it hit me like a sharp slap across the face. Those years just before I met you were dark and destructive. But I hadn't known that my despair was so apparent.

Ethiopian for birthday dinner!

Everything is different now, of course. These years with you, I've kept afloat no matter how rough the water. There is a flat, broad future in front of us. And bright. The future is bright. I believe it. Whatever may come, the future is bright.

Tiramisu for my sweetie!
Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for saving my life.

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