Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy little time

Remember, remember. Make note of times like these!

The garden is doing well.  Our blueberries are but a few days from producing record bounty.  We'll have squash and tomatoes next month.  The raspberries have been tart and plentiful and --who knows? --we may even have watermelons by September!

We've got a nice relaxing road trip through Oregon and Northern California in our near future to look forward to, as well as a couple big, exciting international voyages further out.

The new kitchen still looks great, and the new paint makes the house look --well, maybe not young; she's 97 years old after all --but fine, happy.  She's a happy house on the inside and the new paint makes her outside look happy too.

It's a happy little time we've got right now, my love. Let's savor it. Let's let it linger. We don't know what we'll find a little further up the path.  But it's a happy little time, right now.


Roger Buck said...

Warm smile. You touch me.

Amy Bazley said...

Always good to pause and appreciate the good moments. Whether it's a season, a day, or even just a single beautiful moment when everything is at peace and in sync. If we can absorb the memory with all of our senses, we can conjure it up when we need a lift. Thanks for sharing this post, Dade.