Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A letter to Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association

I sent the following letter to Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice-president of the National Rifle Association.  You can contact the organization from its website, which you can view here.

Dear Mr. LaPierre,

This nation needs a solution.  The tragic events that occurred at the movie cinema in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012, are but the latest in a series of horrific incidents that continue to plague this country at semi-regular intervals:  a deranged killer legally armed with a lethal arsenal opened fire on innocent people, killing many, maiming more.

The fact of the matter is that, in large part due to the National Rifle Association's influence in Washington, gun control legislation will never be enacted.  And yet, as I'm sure you agree, we must have a solution.  It is intolerable that these United States regularly endure this random bloodshed.

I'm writing to you in supplication.  You've won the political argument.  You've demonstrated your power. 

Now, please, sir, will you propose a solution that fits with the principles and beliefs of the National Rifle Association and at the same time protects citizens from random wanton violence from deranged killers? 

The ball is in your court, sir.  We desperately crave your guidance.

Dade Cariaga


Marcella said...

Well said, Dade, well said. I've grappling with this whole thing myself. I think people should have the right to bear arms. Assault weapons are overkill (sorry, pun NOT intended). Most, if not all weapons were created to kill people. They will always be around. So we need to create a better way to control who has them, but as long as there are black market arms dealers that's a hard one to determine. I wish this country luck - we are kinda falling apart at the seams, as it were.  Things are just plain nuts.

lover of liberty said...

Man, you just don't get it. I've been an NRA member for just shy of 40 years. The reason the NRA fights for the rights of every single American is not just for the hunters, not just for the right of self-defense, but for the right to be equal with a govt. that is tyrannical such as the current administration. The Obama administration especially now, is fast becoming a dictatorship in infancy. More & more we hear rumblings of tyranny like we've never seen in this country before.The 2nd amendment was for the CITIZEN to retard the efforts of some,(or the few)who would look to destroy our constitutional rights & perpetrate dictatorship upon us them law abiding citizens.Ask yourself why the fed. govt. won't fund research for mental health issues like the ones you're describing.Ask yourself why the punishments for people who use firearms in a crime aren't extreme so they would be a more real deterrent. The guns I have in my closet have been in there a very long time & have never hurt anyone. Just like the millions of other law loving,law abiding citizens in this country. By gun confiscation you would put innocent people at the mercy criminal gangs etc., etc.,etc.,Have they tried to secure the border with Mexico? Did you know that about 30% of the pop. in the penitentiaries of this country are Mexican nationals(illegal aliens)? We grieve for the victims of shooting crimes just like everyone else in the country but GUN CONTROL IS NOT THE ANSWER MY FRIEND If you would do a little research, you would find that the NRA does more to promote gun safety than just about anyone in this country. Our members are some of the most caring & dedicated to safety & training out there. WE ARE PROTECTING FREEDOM EVERYDAY...YEAR AFTER YEAR! SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!