Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rose City weekend

Tree stump... or is it more?
Down in the Brooklyn neighborhood, we came upon this tree stump that had been shaped into a "maypole" (if you will). 

As if in defiance of the Great Co-opting, this symbol stands directly across an unmarked, serene residential street from the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, with its tall, solemn, crucifix-punctuated steeple.  The crucifix is stark, unadorned.  

"He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me"
Next to the church, Christ bestows his blessings on whosoever may be meditating in a well-groomed garden.  Today, myself and Dave Hauth.

Hacky sackers
Some young men displayed impressive agility and eye coordination playing hacky sack in front of Richmond Elementary School.  Apparently, the hacky sack World Championships are to be held this summer in the Rose City.  When I snapped this photo the lads wanted to make sure I knew about it.  About the Championship.

This little city has its charms, humble though they may seem to cutting-edge New Yorkers, or glamorous Los Angelinos, or flamboyant San Franciscans.  Our little gray-skied city.  Our little city with the folks in the rain slickers slurping coffee under the awnings while the rain hisses on the pavement.  Our feisty little Portland.  Our verdant, meditative garden.

Just an accident of birth that I'm here, now.  Asked myself more than once, how'd I get so lucky?  Not fool enough to imagine it's something I'll ever know.

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