Monday, December 12, 2011

Courageous Christianity

Maybe He was on to something...
No matter what they say I don't believe the path to God is easy. 

I keep going back to that moment.  The moment when Robert Rule, a bereaved father, broke Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, the murderer of Mr. Rule's daughter.  (Video here.)

Robert Rule's act is one of the most courageous displays of Christianity I have ever witnessed.  Humbling and and terrifying and beautiful.

Humbling, because I've never had occasion to show the kind of courage that Mr. Rule showed.  I don't know that I could muster it.

Terrifying, because --well, because, Lord!  How could You have done that to this man?

And beautiful, because it shows us, plain as Day, that we are none of us beyond Redemption.

Paraphrasing the good Professor, while evil is evil, it may yet also be good-to-have-been.

Christmas approaches.  

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Binmoredaniel said...

The thing is that without doing that sort of thing you aren't a Christian, you are just saying you are a Christian.  I am an Atheist but I think the world would be wonderful if filled with people who are really Christian.  I bet most of the other families who spoke called themselves Christian.  It's also possible to be such a loving person regardless of your religion, or without religion at all.

The path to God is difficult for some, easy for others.  It tends to be more difficult the more you think about it.  I think there's a good reason for that.