Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunset eulogy

Hopeless yellow blooms
On the watermelon vine
Promise wee melons

Never to ripen
Displaced by jack-o-lanterns
Grinning in the rime

Dusk creeps like frostbite
Summer's gone.  Weep if you must.
But, friend, summer's gone

Rare, vivid palette
Of evening's call to glory
Sunset eulogy

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Anonymous said...

hiya..just wanted to let you know, the so called fictional characters named Carriaga in a number of Steinbeck's novels..not fictional..Steinbeck indeed knew the Carriaga family (Sylvestre and family).. something to be proud of.
now..let's rock the streets and make John proud again!

Lisa (c/o Eric Carriaga Lucero)