Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats make their stand

Today is a big day in Wisconsin.  Today, the herculean efforts of Badger State Democrats either succeed or fail.  It's election day, and Democrats are seeking to recall at least three Republican state senators.  If they succeed, they gain control of the upper house of the Wisconsin state legislature and can block the union-busting power grab of Governor Scott Walker and his corporate masters.

A big, big day.  Not only might this day foretell how next year's national election will shape up, but the future of the Labor Movement is at stake.

Momentum would seem to be with Wisconsin Democrats.  And, after all, the fact that they managed to organize and build support to force recall elections at all is in itself testimony to their determination.  And you know that Governor Walker is feeling the heat. But, as we saw last March, these kinds of fights are highly unpredictable.

Of the six recall elections that occur today, Democrats have a clear advantage in one race and 3 of the remaining 5 are too close to call.  

At the very least, today stands as testament to the courage and determination of Democrats at the state and local levels.  Nationally, the Democrats are a disgrace:  weak-kneed, unprincipled, and timid.  Not so the fighters in Wisconsin!  Nor, those of us here in Oregon who busted the Big Red Wave last November.

Fight on, Wisconsin!  I'm with you in spirit.  Today's the day.  Let's see what happens...

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