Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's get our schools fixed

It's going to be a big financial hit at an economically uncertain time.  That puts a lump in my throat.  Top-of-my-head estimate is that it'll cost me between $50 and $100 each month for the next six years!  Most folks I know have to swallow pretty hard before making that kind of commitment.  I do, anyway.

Nonetheless, I'm voting "Yes" on Measures 26-121 and 26-122, the bond and levy measures aimed at raising much needed funds for upkeep of our public schools and preserving teaching jobs.

Speaking as a homeowner, I've learned from experience that ignoring structural and efficiency problems only makes them more expensive to fix in the long run.  Our schools are in a sorry state.  The buildings are old and falling apart.  It seems to me we ought to just bite the bullet and fix them now.  Besides, better schools means higher home values. 

Cleveland High School, in my part of town, was built in 1929.  The bond measure will pay for a complete renovation of Cleveland, along with 85 other schools.  (You can read more about the measure here.)

And let's not forget that raising tax money and spending it right here at home will benefit everyone in the community.  These measures will pay to keep our hard-working teachers on the job and to keep class sizes from getting out of hand.  It'll keep local construction workers and peripheral businesses in work.

Of course, most importantly, the kids --and therefore all of us --will benefit.

The condition of our schools is a measure of our commitment to the future.  We've got a great thing going here in Portland.  I'm willing to chip in to keep it that way.

Yes on 26-121 and 26-122!

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