Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday photos

Old Man Hood glowers and grumbles.  One can almost hear him mutter.  "Humans?  Here today, gone tomorrow."  Or that is what he might say, were he to notice us at all.

Advice from the billboard near the east-side terminus of Hawthorne Bridge.  During last year's election, eastbound river-crossers were advised to vote Dudley-for-Governor.  Today's message is closer to the mark, as far as I'm concerned.

More than anything, the Dragons recall Viking longboats.  When the Dragon people start pleating their beards and tucking hand-axes into their belts, hang on to your hats!

Riverplace Marina:  morphing toward a Brave New World.  This part of river front has changed tremendously over the years.  But I wonder how it will fare if we get another winter like the Winter of '96.

Happy Friday!

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