Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fukushima sleigh ride

The situation in Japan continues to deteriorate.  With all its pumps off-line and no way to get water in to cool the super-hot fuel rods in its reactors, Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant erupted again this evening.  Read more here.

The crew working to contain the disaster had already been reduced to a core 50 volunteers.  The situation is extremely dangerous.  But now, those last 50 workers evacuated the site a short while ago due to a surge in radiation.

Clearly, the situation is out of control.  And judging by the chatter from so-called "experts" on the news, no one has any idea what to do, much less what will happen next. 

We'll find out, I imagine.  Perhaps most especially, those of us living 4500 miles further down the jet stream.

The Japanese people are showing incredible fortitude and courage.  Satellite images show refugees standing patiently on queue at aid distribution centers.  There is no looting.  No lawlessness.  And the heroism of those 50 emergency workers, some of whom reportedly lost their families in the earthquake and ensuing tsunami...  They are an amazing people, so very worthy of admiration.

But the fires are still burning at Fukushima Dai-Ichi.  And no one knows what to do.

It is as if we are in a car, careening down an icy hill.  We don't know where we're going, and we can't control it anyway.  But we know the crash is coming.  Fukushima sleigh ride!

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