Sunday, January 30, 2011

The endowment of Julija Laenen

Up on top of Tabor, near the very summit, there is a bench that faces eastward.  It is made of sturdy, wooden slats, solid and sound, well-coated in forest green paint.   According to the engraved metal plaque embedded in the concrete foundation, it is an endowment from Julija M. Laenen.   It is an excellent vantage from which to gaze at Old Man Hood, on those days when he deigns to show himself.  (Today, he did not.)

Julija passed in the year 1995, which is significant for me because that was the year that my first marriage ended.  I was living in west Portland in those days.  I did not discover Mt. Tabor City Park until several years later.  It was another several before I discovered Julija's gift.

Julija was roughly my age when she passed.  (I assume Julija was female.  I believe the name is Slovenian.)  But she left a fine gift for the people of Portland.  A fine gift, indeed.

I mean, take a look at that view...

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Ridwan said...

Beautiful post and heart-warming story.

May Julija rest in peace.

On my next visit to PDX I want to see the bench and enjoy the gift.