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ASL Red Barricades: Today the Volga, tomorrow the Vistula (Pt. IV)

Note to readers: This post won't make a lick of sense to anyone who isn't familiar with the Advanced Squad Leader game system.

Dave Hauth and I are engaged in a playing of RBCGI:  Into the Factory.  I'm the Reds.  He's the Jerries.

We're each maintaining a blog correspondence as the game progresses.  We've a Gentleman's Agreement that neither of us will read his opponent's blog until given express permission to do so. 

Readers are encouraged to comment!  Speak your piece! Just be sure not to inadvertently reveal any information about Dave's plan to me or vice-versa. 

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Aftermath of CG Day 3

We're not dead yet!  Although the Germans were pitiless in their assault, and they wreaked havoc on my valiant Red heroes, they paid a high price for their gains on this day. 

My position at the start of the day was so precarious that I fully expected to concede the campaign after the day's fighting.  But I had enough success in blunting the German shock troops that I'm going to keep fighting.  My situation is still precarious as the perimeter shows, but a lot of steam has come out of the German kettle.  The Germans scored 59 CVP, but the Russians scored 61! 

Day 4 Perimeter
In order to mitigate the distance his reinforcements must travel to get to the fighting, Dave purchased a Sturm company on-board for 12 CPP.  Very expensive!  But he lined them up with his armor to come smashing in to the P33 factory, where I had a platoon of Rifle squads and my depleted Guards SMG company in reserve.  It was a big clash that went my way early when I surprised Dave by opening up with the 76* INF howitzer I placed in hex R33.  I took out a leader and decimated a platoon of Sturm troops with it.  But then his armor plunged deeper into the factory, Sturm troops in their wake.  My Guards SMG company was completely activated on Turn 1.  A savage battle ensued with both sides getting mauled.  Dave's tanks did not fare nearly so well on this day.  I destroyed or immobilized 3 of them.  

Meanwhile, Dave was poised to attack southward out of the R17 factory with a depleted Sturm company, but I opened up with my 80mm artillery and another howitzer and stalled that attack before it could start.  I actually ended up counter-attacking into this factory with the SMG platoon that I had assigned to defend the Commissar's House.  This was another bloody fight, but Dave definitely got the worse end of it.  

My militia company in the Chemist's Shop also attacked into the O10 factory.  This was a low density, but nasty fight that ended with my dug-in KV destroyed as well as most of the militia, but I think I destroyed about half a company of German rifle squads, which made the attack worth it.

Day 4:  More of the same

My perimeter continues to be squeezed, and there is no doubt that I'm cornered and at bay.  But, I've earned some hard-fought breathing room around both the Chemists's Shop and Commissar's House.

My forces are devastated.  But the Germans fare no better.  They're at the point of exhaustion. 

Dave sees this...
My retained forces are these:
  • 628 x 3
  • 447 x 8.5
  • 527 x 2
  • 426 x 10
  • 228 x 2
  • 10-0, 9-1 x 2, 9-0 x 2, 7-0 x 2
  • MMG, Atr, Lt. Mtr.
  • 76* INF x 2
I am allotted 15 CPP for the day.  My purchases are these:
  • I5 Militia Coy (depleted) 4CPP
    426 x 9
    MMG, Lt. Mtr.

  • I2 Guards SMG Coy 7CPP
    628 x 9
    9-1, 9-0

  • O2 Btln Mortar w/Pre-registered hex Q33 (scarce ammo) 2CPP

  • M2 Fortification points x 2 2CPP
    HIP Squads x 3
    Trench x 3
    Fortified buildings x  2
    AP mines x 6
    ? x 12
The reinforcing (depleted) Militia company will join the surviving Militia troops in the middle factories.  That's where they stand and die.  If the German doesn't attack in the middle, they will probe westward, but not too far.

My depleted rifle company, supported by the two surviving howitzers defend the crucial area between the R17 and R25 factories.  I've placed some trenches in the area to facilitate troop movement back and forth across Arbarovskaya Street (the north-south equator of the map).

What is left of my SMG and SMG Guards companies defend my foothold in the P33 factory and will fight to keep the Germans from entering the R27 factory from the south.  The 80mm artillery observer is set up to assist with this and is also positioned to drop smoke, should it be necessary to assist my reinforcing Guards SMG company.

That company, my reinforcing Guards, will most probably enter in the JJ33-JJ35 and join the fight for the southern factory.  But they will react to the Germans.  So, for example, if Dave enters from the northern board edge and drives for the river, these troops will enter further north to meet him.

Lastly, I've got about a platoon of infantry in the area of the Chemist's Shop.  If the Germans attack this way, my platoon will stand and die.  If the Germans again ignore the Chemist's Shop, I'll probe westward with these troops to try to draw off Germans from the attacks further south.

Day 4 setup
I've finally given the Germans a beating. We're at a critical juncture in the campaign. Will the Germans retain momentum? Or will they falter and allow the Russians to recover from the whipping they took on the first two campaign days?

To be continued...

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