Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So long, Evalina

Evalina on her 90th birthday (Cousin Maryann in the back)

Just a note today, to say goodbye to my Aunt Evalina, who passed on May 15th.  Maty and I attended her memorial yesterday.

Evalina was my mom's aunt, the wife of my grandfather's brother, Dick.  I'm sad to see her go, but I'm sure she would have no complaints.  She had ninety-five years of life and she had lots of family and friends around her.  I'm mostly sad for her two children, my cousins Maryann and Rick, and their families. 

 Evalina and Maty

One of the last times I saw Evalina was when Maty and I, newly-married, stopped by to visit her when she was living at an assisted-living home in Keizer.  We walked into her apartment, and the first thing she said to Maty was "Welcome to the family."  I'm so very grateful to her for that.

A short while after that visit, cousin Maryann showed up at our door with a beautiful table center piece, fashioned from glass into the shape of a leaping dolphin.  It was a wedding gift from Aunt Evalina. Maryann told us that Evalina had chosen it because she wanted to give us a unique gift that we would always have to remember her by.

 Evalina's wedding gift to Maty and me

So long, Evalina.  I'll miss ya!

(Here's the poem printed in her memorial card...)

While Waiting for Thee
by Sharon A. Bryington

Don't weep at my grave
For I am not there,
I've a date with a butterfly
To dance on the air.
If I'm missed, find a flower,
I'll be there, too,
Sniffing its fragrance
Right next to you.
Don't be sad
When you remember me,
For I'm singing in the sunshine, 
Wild and free,
Flirting with the lightning, 
Playing tag with the wind,
Chasing the thunder
Time and time again
Soaring with the eagle, 
Swimming in the sea,
Enjoying all nature
While I'm waiting for thee.


Ridwan said...

Sad to read about your loss Dade.

May she rest in peace!

Onward! Evalina.

Peace brother,

Anonymous said...

I love you Dade
Blessed Be