Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something will come

Wring not thy hands before my tearful eyes,
Though table be barren and we unseen
By those who's parlors are full of laughter
And light, reveling in hilltop manor;

Something will come,
Our Lord hath proclaimed it,
Something will come;

Raise not thy fist in angry defiance,
Though need hath sacrificed thy dignity,
Though lords and ladies behold piously
Our plight: idle fancy, cause celebré;

Something will come,
We only need name it,
Something will come;

Shine Thy mercy upon humble daughter;
As my faith in Thee never hath faltered,
Let not my words prove false to those I love,
That they might see that which Thou hath promised;

Let something come,
That we may acclaim it,
Let something come


Spring Thunder's Blog said...

Thank you for this beautiful poem and the reminder that something will come...as I consider looking heavenward and asking WHEN?!?

Jeanne said...

Hi Dade, Yes something will come. My old friend John Trudell always reminds us the last thing out of Pandora's box was "hope" so while we are waiting and hoping for something to come let's not forget we have the ability to create thought clarity and movement. Non violent movement morale action. We have to not let "fear" of any kind become our stumbling block. Collective energy is amazing, this county has done it before can we no will we able to do it again It remains to be seen. Shadow or Light, let the games begin. May beauty surround your home and your love ones. May you walk inLove and Light, Jeanne