Thursday, April 17, 2008

My goodness, but this has been a dreary spring!

See? Spring can be beautiful...
Oregonians are a stalwart bunch, generally. Anybody who can face unremitting gray skies from mid-October through mid-April and still manage a smile on most days is pretty resilient. But this spring has been a real test, no?

Temperatures are unseasonably cold, and, though we had one nice day last week, the rain and clouds have been our constant companions for months on end.

Well, hang on, Oregonians! The Pacific Northwest clime is testing us right now, but the good weather will come. People really can enjoy the outdoors here in this mostly rainy land. I offer these photos as proof!

Swimmin' hole near Astoria
Canoeing on the Long Tom River
Gettin' hitched at Sauvie Island!
Hiking at Siouxan Creek
Jammin' at the camp site near Stevenson, WA

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Dan Binmore said...

I remember going to that swimming hole with you Dade (At least I think it's the same one) was that with me or did you return later? It may be dreary now, but that just puts our glorious summers in a better light.