Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why blog? (A self-indulgent post)

Of course, I've always been an outspoken guy. All the way back in elementary school, I can remember wanting to respond to teacher's questions, wanting to weigh in, to express my thoughts on the matter at hand. I was curious to know what people would think about my thoughts and opinions. It probably stems from some need for external validation. You know, existential reassurance: People acknowledge me, therefore I am? So be it.

That's undoubtedly one big semi-subconscious reason that I maintain this blog. But there are other reasons, too.

I don't harbor any illusions that what I write here makes any real difference in the course of human events. At least not directly. But I do hold out the hope that if my voice is added to the conglomerate of voices (check out the Links of Interest) that speak out for change, for justice, it might help to make a difference somewhere. Maybe.

And, I do love to write. I love to play with the English language. It's such a versatile toy, this blend of the Latin and the Old Germanic that has been the medium for William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens and John Gardner and JRR Tolkien. I love to learn and use words and try my hand at the clever turn of phrase, the biting double-entendre, the subtle pun.

In this soul-deadening age of 30 second ad spots, platitude-spouting glad-handers, and cotton-candy materialism, human beings long to express themselves, to find an outlet for the feelings and emotions that roil within them; feelings that are so often drowned in the bewildering cacophony of the modern world. For some people, this expression takes the form of craftsmanship or music or just being good at one's job. Well, this blog is my little outlet, my minuscule riff in the Great Orchestra.

I'm very grateful for those of you who do stop by this blog, from time to time, to scan through whatever I happen to be yammering about. Whether you agree, disagree, think I'm a blow-hard, or worry about my mental stability (and, trust me, you wouldn't be alone on that count), I'm just glad that you lent me your "ear." It is much appreciated.



Shawna said...


I greatly enjoy your blog, and I'm very glad it's out there. :)

Shawna Haase

Ridwan said...

Brother I enjoy reading your blog and thinking along with you.

Your words are so much part of me that I often wonder what you may think of an issue or an event.

I hope you keep writing and playing with words and ideas.

I am a big fan (even though we disagree on Obama ;).