Thursday, March 06, 2008

Faces from the road

Today, I browsed through my travel photos and found these. Some of the best parts of travel are the random encounters. You meet people from everywhere. And each one writes an entry in the journal of your life.

Bartender in Amsterdam
This young woman was the bartender in the famous Grasshopper coffee shop in Amsterdam. I had just arrived in Europe that day, commencing my Grand European tour, and I was a little scared and very tired. I was very glad to find a friendly, out-going person with whom to converse.

Bluegrass band "Snake Oil" in Newark Airport
During an interminable lay-over in Newark, I met the band "Snake Oil" who played a few ditties to kill the time.

Madeleine Vedel (center) and family in Arles, France
One of the best travel experiences I have ever had occurred in Arles, France. I was attempting to buy a train ticket to go to Barcelona and having a very difficult time of it. I spoke no French, and the ticket master spoke no English. The dilemma was defused when an ex-Patriot American woman, Madeleine Vedel, came to my assistance. Madeleine then invited me to the home she shared with her husband and young son for lunch. We were joined by their friends, the Jewish folk singer (on the left) and the beautiful, Valerie, right. We dined on tomato salad, beef, wine, cheese, and chocolate. Madeleine and her husband have since opened a cooking school in Arles. I occasionally get email from them, announcing the latest developments.

Polish musicians in Copenhagen
Wandering around the streets of Copenhagen, my friends and I stumbled on an ensemble of Polish classical musicians, preparing for a concert. We chatted with them while they smoked.

Chilenas in Santiago
I was sitting near the foot of the statue of the Blessed Virgin, in Santiago when these girls laughingly asked if they could take my picture. I agreed on condition that I might reciprocate.

World's full of people.


Shus li said...

I really enjoy these pix, my fave being the one of the Polish musicians.

After reviewing the bennies of my new position, which include a month of paid time off each year, I started getting wanderlust...and Amsterdam came to mind. It seems like a very tourist-friendly beginner's destination. Thanks for the post.

Ridwan said...

Nice post brother. I was in Amsterdam three months ago but it did not look that friendly :0)

Be well and thanks for sharing your pics.