Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bye, bye, Barcelona

Early morning pilgrimage
Thursday morning, the alarm went off at 630am. I was up and out the hotel door by 654. Carrer d'Olzinelles was empty and silent in the pre-dawn darkness.

When I reached Passeig de Sant Antoni, my path bent to the right, toward Barcelona-Sants Estació.

As I made my way, a thin stream of solitary pilgrims trickled onto the broad avenue from the lesser side streets. Towing luggage, shouldering backpacks. All silent but for the clacking of our suitcase wheels on the sidewalk. Ahead, the station lights cast out an indifferent beacon, drawing us like moths to the flame.

Time to leave this timeless city. On to whatever is next.

Bye bye, Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

Statue in la Plaza Cataluña

Arched entrance to the Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter

Inside the Cathedral
Mass inside the Cathedral

Elaborate (ostentatious?) displays of piety

Fountain in the Gothic Quarter

Roman wall in the Gothic Quarter

Beach at Barcelona

Estatua de Colóm

The natives didn't know what they were signing on for...

Feeling happy, but a little lonely, up on Mount Jüic.

View of the harbor

Turret from the fort on Mount Jüic


Turkish food for lunch

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