Sunday, January 04, 2015

Last day of staycation

Adieu, 2014. Bienvenue, 2015.
Last day of winter staycation. It's been good. A time of rejuvenation. A reprieve from nagging, hateful anxiety.

The Year of our Lord 2014 passed with but a whisper last week and I can't say I'll miss it. It was an emotionally bruising year --a year of change, a year of turmoil. And just as the newborn passes through the birth canal battered and bruised but alive to a world of possibilities and wonder, so too for me and my beloved African woman as we face the new year.

Prescience is beyond us despite the claims of the soothsayers. None of us may know what is to come. Reassurance is mere intellectual placebo, whether it be the solace afforded by mystical entities entreated with incensed rituals or ardent prayer, or the pseudo-certainty of mathematical equations derived from discipline and rationality. No guarantees, folks. It could all end in cold entropy.

But I believe we'll be alright. Me, Maty, family, friends. I think things will work out fine for us. And I know for dead cold certain that it will all be as it must, as it is ordained.

Today, anyway, the last day of staycation, that's enough.

Peace out.

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