Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eight years with Maty Bombay

Wedding day, 2006
Maty and I were married 8 years ago today, in the lobby of the Lloyd Center Doubletree Inn.

Last year, on July 9th, Maty left Portland and me bound for Dakar, Senegal to visit her family. I wrote her this letter and gave it to her on the drive to the airport, with instructions not to read it until she was in the air.
My dearest love,
Words cannot express how much I love you. You are the light of my life and I can never be complete without you.
I am very happy that you can go to Senegal to see your family. I wish them love and respect.
I will miss you every day you are gone and I will never stop thinking about you. Always remember that I love you. Never forget that.
I will be happy for you while you are in Africa. And every day I will look forward to the day when we will be together again.
You are my love. You are my life.
Your loving husband,
Maty would be gone for 37 long days. It was the longest separation we've endured in the 8 years since we've been married.

They say that once you've developed a taste for caviar, you can never go back to canned sardines. The truth of that adage was brought home for me in the time she was gone.

Eight years! Can you believe it, honey? Eight years!

Feeding the hippos in Zinairé, 2007
Thai food with the families, 2008
Hangin' at the house with Sister Chae, 2009
At a friend's birthday party, 2010
Happy couple, 2011
Anniversary dinner, 2012
Anniversary dinner, 2013
Going strong 8 years later, 2014


Roger Buck said...

Beautiful, Dade. Very happy for you both!

Jeff Irwin said...

Well said buddy!

And I'm glad she's back too. You were a wreck while she was gone. :)