Monday, November 05, 2012

Eve of the election

In the thick of battle, you rally around your people.  So, Portlanders, here we go.

It's too late to drop your ballot in the mail if you want your vote to be counted.  You'll have to drop it at an official ballot drop site.  Go here to find the nearest.

Nate Silverman's election eve assessment is that President Obama has a 92% chance of winning tomorrow.  Romney's been running on fumes since just before Sandy crashed into the East Coast.  I'm confident. 

Now, it is just a matter of following through.  The vaunted Democratic ground game is churning. 

No victory is ever complete, progressives.  Every step forward leaves behind something we cherish.  But we can't ever stop.

Let tomorrow come.  Chins up, no matter what happens!

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