Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hiatus 2012

The ink is spent.

All morning brief showers, hissing furious chastening of a petulant lover.  But bold afternoon sunshine would not be denied. 

In an Ishmael mood on the way up the mountain, I mused on the scribblings, tired and bitter. Nothing shines anymore.  No magic. 

"Do you want to see Venus?" said he.  She offered shaded lenses like those they give at the 3D cinema.

"Do you want to see Venus?"
I looked.  A perfect round sphere, miniscule, unconditionally black against the disquieting brilliance.  Just there near the circumference at 30o.  "Oh my God, I see it," I said.

"There you go," he said.  "There's your once-in-a-lifetime.  It won't happen again until 2117."

Preposterously, she sought to console.  "Who knows?  You might live another 105 years."

We grinned.

"There aren't many people who have seen that," he said.

"We're the lucky ones," I said.  I thought about the oak tree.

Back in a couple weeks
I still believe that to write you must write every day.  But the ink is spent.  I'm taking a little vacation from the blog, to replenish the inkwell.

Honored, as always by your interest.  Back later this month, God willing.

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