Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few summer pix

Mean ol' Mount Hood

Last week, perennial Multnomah County Sheriff candidate Andre Danielson and I went tramping around on the knees of Hood the Heartless.  Specifically, we hiked up around Lost Lake.

Uprooted tree
I'm trying to convince my fastidious and largely unadventurous (but still adorable) wife to go camping, and so Andre and I took a drive up there to scout the place out.  Now that I have a method for powering the Amazing Snore Machine in the outdoors (see "Breaking Camp" in Pt. IV of the OCF 2010 series), I'm all enthused about going back to nature.

So, today, since my creative juices are rather depleted, I thought I'd just post a few photos of the beautiful sites.  Enjoy!

Lost Lake flora
Home to woodpeckers
Northern shore
Andre and the cedars

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