Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The terrorists win?

Closing down

Check this:
The family of slain abortion provider George Tiller said Tuesday that his Wichita clinic will be "permanently closed," effective immediately. --Huffington Post, June 9, 2009
Bad news.

Don't get me wrong. I don't even have a position on abortion. But I've got a position on terrorism and political intimidation: It must be confronted. It must be defeated.

I can't blame anyone associated with Women's Health Care Services, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas, or any other similar facility for being worried, even afraid, after what happened to Dr. Tiller. But if Dr. Tiller's murder does result in the closure of the clinic, it sets a dangerous example for any right-wing (or left-wing, for that matter) freak who is contemplating violence as a means of bringing about social change.

Imagine some lonely, fever-brained redneck out there in Stickville, USA, nursing his bitterness, hating all the people out there in the world who seem happy and blissful and completely unaware of his anguish. His world is slipping away and he is afraid. To Mr. Redneck, Scott Roeder might seem like the lucky jackpot winner. Because, in the redneck world, Roeder will now be revered and celebrated among the people with whom Mr. Redneck identifies. Roeder exacted vengeance on the Damned; Roeder found a way to close the clinic.

Roeder, himself, in an interview with The Associated Press, said "I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal."

I hesitate to mention it, but recently I had an implied death threat directed in my vicinity by one of these right-wing primitives. It is hard to gauge the threat, since it was delivered in the form of an internet post. But I have alerted people around me (including the Portland Police).

It's easy for me to speak bravely about refusing to shut up when the "threat" is more than likely just the rantings of some frustrated and ignored hillbilly. But for the people that worked at the clinic in Wichita, the dread and foreboding has been validated by Dr. Tiller's murder.

The Justice Department had better do something about this. If Roeder's crime is perceived as successful by those who might admire him, there will only be more such murders.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you have devoted NO time to the US serviceman who was murdered the same week.

Perhaps, because he was killed by a Islamic radical?

Spring Thunder's Blog said...

WTF, Anonymous??

Are you a pro-lifer? If so, let's flip your little statement around and ask why pro-lifers have never been in the least concerned about the babies and children dying as a result of that illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Perhaps, because they were killed as a result of the beliefs and actions of Christian radicals?

BTW, it would be "an" Islamic, not "a" Islamic.

Back to the content of the blog post: I am appalled to hear that you were threatened, even cyber-threatened, Dade. The unstable element amongst us, fueled by the belief that they are carrying out the will of a vindictive god, are a dangerous with which to deal. I'm not even sure of the most effective way of countering their hateful hysteria towards anyone who has an opinion and/or lifestyle different from theirs.

Obviously, such ones are compelled to murder those at home and abroad.


Spring Thunder's Blog said...

..."a dangerous [lot] with which to deal."

More coffee, please.