Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Art from the cradle of mankind...

It is generally accepted that humanity was born somewhere on this continent, some 1 million to 750000 years ago, making Africa our ancestral home. It is in all of us, coded into the twisted ladder of our DNA, imparting its instinctual wisdom to us in subconscious emotions, in primal responses; it has taught us to fear, to exalt, to hate, to love.

A few examples, then, of the art that today comes from the cradle of mankind...

African totem

African totem, close up
Wooden giraffe
Wooden antelopes
Alcohol comes to Burkina Faso
The drummer
Toy giraffe
Woman with child

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Marcella said...

Thank you for sharing your most informative travels with us and introducing us to Africa. I come in here every few days to see what new wonders you are leaving us in your blog. I love your narrative - your writing is always succint, understandable and not frought with the shortened sytax, etc of the common bloggers. For that, the English language (forever diminishing) thanks you.